The Legends of 
 Swift's Silver Mines

Into the pristine wilderness, he came, riding up the streams and valleys of the
  Appalachians - a man shrouded in mystery - as much then as today. Leading pack trains of mules loaded with mining equipment, he would
  disappear into the mountains for months at a time - no one really sure of his comings and goings - he was Jonathan Swift. This is a story - a treasure story -  romantic story - a story to capture the imagination - a story just as compelling today as it was 200 years ago.  We give you the legends of Jonathan Swift of 
Swift's Silver Mines. 

Legend of Jonathan Swift and Fabulous  Silver Mine A Lost Mine
By James Taylor Adams
The Legend of Swift's Silver Mines
By Tom Hale
Swift's Silver Mines
By John Wireman
Swift's Silver Mines
By Patton Beverly
Swift's Silver Mines
By Bill Hunsucker
Was Swift s Silver Mine on the Pound River Country?
By Nancy Clark Brown
Children Find 
What Was Believed

to Be Swift's Smelting Plant

By Ira Haney
Swift's Silver Molds
Cinders From Swift s Smelter

By Taylor Nash
Sixteen Pieces of Silver
By Taylor Nash
A Letter On Swift s Silver Mine
By Henry W. Tompkins
The Rainbow Pool
By Birch Stephens
Bob Beasley's Hole
By Elder John A. Robbins
The Molten Rocks
By Taylor Nash
Swift's Silver and 
the Long Rifle Gun

By Caleb Lane
Swift Mine
By Tom Hale
Ancient Swift's Silver Mine
By Sullivan Vanover
Swift's Silver Mine
By Polly Johnson
Swift's Silver Mines
By Jeremiah Powers
Swift's Silver Mine
By Judge J. T. Hamilton
The Finding of 
Swift's Silver Mine
More About Swift's Mine
By J. T. Hamilton
Another Saucer-Eyed Dog Tale
By W. Patton Beverly
Swift's Silver Mine
By Lemuel L. Hamilton
Swift's  Silver Mine
by Emory Hamilton
The Metal Matches
By Taylor Nash
The Legendary Jonathan Swift
By Henry P. Scalf
Dickenson County Silver Mine 
Still Causes Big Talk

By Bonnie S. Ball
Other Explorers Display Interest In Area As Swift Looks For Silver
By Dan Graybeal
John Swift's Lost Mine
Legend of Silver Lingers

By Dan Graybeal
Swift Jailed In England While Soliciting Assistance For Mines
By Dan Graybeal
Increase In Swift s Wealth
Aroused Suspicion in Settlements

By Dan Graybeal
Fireside Story Turns to Legend
By Dan Graybeal
Remarks About Swift s Silver Mine
By Molly Fraley
Swift's Wilderness Party Was Sworn To

By Dan Graybeal
Swift's Workmen At Mine Pledged To Secrecy
By Dan Graybeal
John Swift Built Furnace 
"In Remote Place"

By Dan Graybeal
Geologists Skeptical Of Legend
By Dan Graybeal
Swift's Silver Mine (2)
By Emory L. Hamilton
Swift's Silver Mine
By McWhorter
Uncovered - The Fabulous Silver Mines
of Swift and Filson

By Joe Nickell
The Legend of Swift's Silver Mine
By James A. Dougherty
Swift Silver Mines
By Elihu Sutherland
The Legend of Swift's Silver Mine
By Clara Bozarth
Swift's Silver
By Taylor Nash
Swift's Silver Mines
By Grant Jennings Smith
Ancient Swift's Mine
By J. B. Hamilton
Indians Tale of Riches Started Wild Speculation
By James Taylor Adams
Swift's Silver Mines Ancient Swift Mines
By Elihu Sutherland

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