Wise County Va Deaths 1912-1918 U & V Surname

Last First Race and Sex Birth date & place Death Cause Father and his birth place Mother and her birth place
Uderlock no name w male 3/2/1913 3/5/1913 convulsions Thomas Uderlock, Prince Wm Va Jenie Graham
Umberger Ralph Bawyer? w male 2/10/1915 5/1/1917 pneumonia Hanger Umberger, Lee Co Mary V Burchill, Lee Co
Underwood Ella May w female 4/11/1913 7/23/1914 acute gastro ententice Elkina Underwood, Tn Bet??atia Price, Tn
unknown unknown n male abt 35 6/28/1915 struck by moving train not known not known
unknown unknown w male abt 60 12/11/1915 absess of lung not known not known
unknown unknown w male infant abt 4/14/1914 found dead by road murdered not known not known
Upchurch Mabel w female 3/1/1913 3/1/1913 not known lived a few minutes W P Upchurch, Granville NC Willie Farris Wash Co Va
Valga Steve hungarian male 11/29/1914 12/28/1914 bronchitis Joe Valga, Austria Mary Hauyak, Austria
Vallela infant w female 2/9/1914 2/9/1914 stillborn Dominick Vallela, Italy Mary Carrella, Italy
Vance no name w male 11/7/1914 11/7/1914 premature  Albert Vance, Tn Eunice Jenkins, Va
Vanhook Jenie c female not known (adult) 2/8/1915 tuberculosis Swan Hamilton Mary Hamilton
Vanover Elija w male 4/9/1875, Letcher Co Ky 7/1/1912 falling slate in mines Arch Vanover, NC Martha? Ann Taylor, NC
Vanover James w male 11/27/1916 12/10/1916 premature as result of measles Sullivan Vanover, Pike Co Ky Cosby Jane Belcher, Wise Co
Vanover no name w male 3/25/1915 9/1/1915 congenital weakness Jas Vanover, Pulaski Ky Jane Barnette, Whitley Ky
Vanover Ray w male 5/7/1914 5/20/1914 had no physician Fuget Vanover, Ky Delphia Mullins, Va
Vanover Valey w male abt 15, Ky 11/20/1916 killed by slate fall Henderson Vanover, Ky Mary Soloman, Ky
Varner Houston Bradley w male abt 18, Lee Co 2/6/1914 killed instantly in coal mines Emmett Vanover, Va Lizzie Sp(smeared)
Varney Mrytle Marie w female 11/4/1915 4/20/1916 acute indigestion Andy Varney, W Va Renie Moore, Va
Vase Sarah M w female 9/15/1858, NY 9/16/1917 mitral reguritation Levi Vanwaert, NY Ruth Thorton, Ny
Vaughn Frank w male abt 22, Scott Co 12/2/1916 pneumonia Will Vaughn Sarah Begley
Vaughn Mary N w female 5/1/1911 7/13/1913 paralysis Albert Vaughn, Ky Bettie Lonter. Va
Vaughn Tannie c female 3/23/1877, Ga 6/6/1915 nephsitis Joe Sampson blank
Vavdiza no name hungarian male 11/12/1914 11/12/1914 stillborn Joseph Vavdiza, Hungary Lizzie Dreszelet, Hungary
Vicars no name w female 11/26/1912 12/5/1912 congenital closure of gall duct Tilman Vicars, Tn Reddy Lyons, Va

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