Ailsy Hubbard John Snodgrass George Snodgrass R. S. Hubbard Feb. 23,1876

Nancy St. Clair Sarah Bollling
Alice Hubbard A. P. Hood Dutton Hood Noah Hubbard May 03,1895

Sallie Mary J. Collins
David Jesse Hubbard Juda Perkey Jesse Hubbard Franklin Perkey Aug.18,1870

Malinda Salyers Katy Branson
Deliah Hubbard Frank Stidham J.H. Stidham Edmond Hubbard Feb.26,1904

Polly Mary Sturgill
Desta Hubbard Andrew Strouth William Strouth Robert N. Hubbard July 21, 1921

Rachel Abel Eliza Roberson
Dora Hubbard  Thomas H. Dale Samuel Dale
Sept. 07, 1888

Cora Sarah Hubbard
Edmond Hubbard Mary Sturgill R.S. Hubbard Franklin Sturgill Feb. 01, 1867

Sarah Bolling Delila
Elizabeth Hubbard Abraham Masters Abraham Masters
Oct. 31, 1888

Emily Jane Susan Hubbard
George Hubbard Maggie Perry David Jesse Hubbard Montgomery Perry Jan. 17, 1906

Juda Perkey Isabell Mullins
Henry T. Hubbard Cindy Bolling Edmond Hubbard Morgan C. Bolling May 24, 1916

Mary Sturgill Louisa
John W. B. Hubbard Martha Stallard Jesse Hubbard D.A. Stallard June 26, 1863

Malinda Salyers Elizabeth
James A. Hubbard Mary A. Maxwell R.S. Hubbard Audley Maxwell June 12, 1882

Sarah Bolling Zipporah
Laura Hubbard Charles G. Stapleton Joseph Stapleton David Jesse Hubbard Jan. 10, 1889

Drucilla Stallard Juda Perkey
Leah Hubbard Jacob Henry Boggs Jacob Boggs Edmond Hubbard May 07, 1896

Nancy E. Mary Sturgill
Loudema Hubbard George Sowards Nash Sowards Edmond Hubbard Feb. 26, 1904

Martha Mary Sturgill
Louemma Hubbard William Adams Spencer Adams Randolph Hubbard Dec. 09, 1874

Cely Mary Roberts
Monroe Hubbard Cordelia Mullins Edmond Hubbard Francis Mullins Sept. 19, 1901

Mary Sturgill Elizabeth
Monroe Hubbard Viola Mullins Edmond Hubbard David Mullins Nov. 08, 1912

Mary Sturgill Mary
Noah Hubbard Isabella Mullins Jesse Hubbard D.C. Mullins Dec. 26, 1872

Malinda Salyers Esther Gardner
Noah Hubbard Mary J. Collins Jesse Hubbard Lewis Collins March 27, 1878

Malinda Salyers Hildy
Ollie Hubbard John T. Rutherford James Rutherford Edmond Hubbard Aug. 25, 1892

Rebecca Mary Sturgill
Orlena Hubbard Orbin Perry Montgomery Perry Noah Hubbard Jan. 09, 1896

Isabella Mullins Mary J. Collins
Robert N. Hubbard Sarah Eliza Roberson David Jesse Hubbard Adam Roberson Nov. 23, 1897

Juda Perkey Nancy Bevins
Russell Hubbard Edna Riner Robert N. Hubbard Johnny Riner May 19, 1921

Eliza Roberson Julia 
Sarah Hubbard James Mullins Elijah Mullins Jesse Hubbard Sept. 28, 1873

Elizabeth Malinda Salyers
Wm. Albert Hubbard Nancy P. Stapleton David Jesse Hubbard Sam Powers April 25, 1908

Juda Perkey M. J. 
Willard F. Hubbard Lillie Bolling Edmond Hubbard M.C. Bolling May 28, 1919

Mary Sturgill Emoline
Walter Hubbard Laura Collier David Jesse Hubbard Doc Collier May 03, 1917

Juda Perkey Elvira Mullins

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