By James Taylor Adams

As listed for me in George Austin’s Store at The Pound one day in 1930, if I remember alright, by One-Eyed Dock Mullins.  Dock seemed very proud of the record.  He had, himself, accounted for one of the killings and since then poor old Dock decided to add another name to the list by blowing his own brains out.  I remember George said “Dock, I don’t think that is anything to be proud of.”  George Austin died shortly after that time.

  • Elias Collier killed Brack Phelps on North Fork about 1890.
  • Dock Howell killed William Addington at Donkey.
  • Sam Craft killed Noah Sowards about 1900 at Donkey.
  • Ed Hall killed Wid Moore and Horace (or Harve) Wright at Donkey.
  • Dr. Marshall B. Taylor, Calvin and Henan Fleming killed Ira Mullins, Mrs. Mullins, Wilson Mullins, John Chappell and Greenberry Moore at Killing Rock on Pine Mountain.
  • Jerome (Fish) Gilliam killed John Hall on Indian Creek.
  • Em. Swindall, Nelson Mullins, Martin Sowards and John Marion Hall killed Pat Cox on Pine Mountain.
  • Mack Wright killed Ed Cox in South of the Mountain.
  • Arch Hopkins killed John Marion Hall near Donkey.
  • Harry McFall killed George Sowards at Foot of the Mountain.
  • Ed Hall was killed at Donkey maybe by Arch Hopkins
  • Rufus Phipps killed Foot of Mountain by unknown party.
  • Tolby Hall killed unknown man at Mud Hole (or maybe it was Hall who was killed.)
  • McKinley Waldron (Waliron) was killed or killed somebody at Foot of Mountain.
  • Gaston Mullins killed Marshall Mullins on Bold Camp.
  • Clifton Branham killed his wife, Nan Branham on Mill Creek and was hanged for it.
  • Bill Tutt killed Joel Sturgill on North Fork.
  • Will Wallen killed Monroe Pennington on North Fork.
  • Edmond Bolling killed his father, Floyd Bolling on North Fork.
  • Sol Osborne killed Joe Short at The Pound.
  • Edmond Bolling killed Sampy Short on North Fork.
  • Bob Mullins killed Will Mullins, his brother, on Bold Camp.
  • Elbert Hale killed Daniel Short on Bold Camp.
  • John Bogus (Baugess) killed his wife, who was a Mullins, on Bold Camp.
  • Bronson Waddell killed  John Steffey in South of Mountain.
  • Edmond Bolling killed George Vaughn on South Fork.
  • Milford Hubbard killed Jerry Hubbard, his brother-in-law, on Laurel Fork.
  • At the same time Willard Hubbard killed his brother, Milford Hubbard at same place.
  • Enoch Wright killed Preston Bentley at Donkey.
  • Walter Killen killed Charlie Powers on Bold Camp.
  • George Branham killed Dave Fleming on Mill Creek.
  • Lee Sloane killed Eugene Sowards in South of Mountain.
  • Carlton Boggs killed Arch Mullins near Foot of Mountain.
  • Carlton Boggs killed Johce Mullins at Donkey.
  • Nancy (or Nannie) Jane Mullins killed Jude Mullins, her husband at Donkey.
  • Dock Mullins killed Carlton Boggs at Foot of Mountain.
  • Jonce Mullins above,  killed by Carlton Boggs, was Dock’s only son.
  • Rudolph Belcher killed Elbert Baker on North Fork.
  • Clint Wyatt and his son  killed Tom Hawkins at Foot of Mountain.
  • Picket and other officers killed Jarvey Mullins on Birchfield.
  • Some people killed Ira Patton at the same place.
  • Douglas Dorton killed Henry Dorton, his brother, on Bold Camp.
  • Willie Addington and others killed George Tiiman on Indian Creek.
  • Son Gibson and John Cox killed Green (maybe not Green) Branham on Indian Creek.
  • A mob, killed Leonard Wood, a Negro, in Pound Gap.
  • Two Negroes were killed in the Combs Construction Camp, at Foot of Mountain, by another Negro.
  • Bobby Qualls killed Henderson Adams on South Fork.
  • Morgan Mullins killed Hark Willis Howell on Bold Camp.
  • A man named Lewis killed a man named Fletcher at Horse Gap.
  • A man named Shupe killed a man whose name Dock could not remember on Indian Mountain.
  • Columbus Craft killed Bill Culbertson at Mud Hole.

Source:  James Taylor Adams Collection, Clinch Valley College Library, Wise, VA.

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