Adam Stidham Settlement

Location: On a ridge above the mouth of Cane Patch Creek and on the east side.

Date: About 1835.

Owners: This land was first owned by James Stidham, he sold to J. David Rogers before the county was formed or he else sold to Adam Stidham and he sold to Rogers. J. D. Rogers sold to Marcus A. Rogers in 1885 and in 1896 he sold to J. J. Kelly, Kelly sold to the coal company.

Description: The Adam Stidham house was a double log building, one story, two rooms and a kitchen. The front part of the house was built like two pens and joined together at the center with double log walls. The house faced north with a chimney at the west end. The kitchen was built on the south side. It was floored with puncheons and the ceiling was laid down on top of the joists. There was two windows to each front room. Both the front rooms had one batten entrance door. The house had no porch in front, but there was a small porch at the rear. The kitchen part was built to the west room.

Historical Significance: Adam Stidham was born in North Carolina June 7, 1790. Died September 3, 1883. He was married to Abagail, a daughter of Jerry Osborn of North Carolina who was born in 1795 and died July
9, 1890. He settled on the Cane Patch when he came to Wise County and there lived until his death. To this union was born children whose descendants are widely scattered over the country, viz: (1) William II who married Leannah Huff in 186; (2) Adam Stidham, Jr., who married Margaret Church in 1859; (3) James D.
Stidham; (4) David H. Stidham who married Annie Church; (5) Jeremiah Stidham who married Jennie Osborne; (6) Martin Stidham; (7) Lavina Stidham who married William Collier; (8) Abagail Stidham who married John Hamilton; (9) Polly Stidham who married John Johnson and (10) Rebecca Stidham.
     His son, James Dykes, was born in Ash County, NC in 1829. He first married Alpha a daughter of Isaac Church and later Sarah a daughter of John B. Gilley. He also settled and lived his life on the Cane Patch and was a Civil War Soldier and in the early part of the war worked in the Salt Petre Cave in Powell Valley.
     His son Martin was born in Ash County, NC, August 5, 1835 and was married to Annie a daughter of William and Sarah Church. Martin Stidham died August 1915. His wife Mary Ann was born in April 1838 and died September 1, 1908. In the early part of the war he worked in the salt petre cave in Powell Valley and
was later taken as a prisoner to Camp Douglas, Illinois. He was a Primitive Baptist preacher and lived and died on the Cane Patch.
     His son David H. was born in Ash Co., NC about 1821. First married Annie a daughter of Joel and Peggy Adams Church and second Mary J. Smith Gilley, a daughter of William Smith in 1881.  Jeremiah was born in Ash Co., NC about 1820 and there married Jennie Osborne and second Nancy
Sturgill Caudle a daughter of David and Rachael Sturgill in 1896. He first settled on the Cane Patch and had a grist mill there but later moved 
to Pound where he died.
     Adam Stidham and his wife Abagail were early members of the Three Forks Church and were two of the eight members of the Little Stone Gap Baptist Church when it was founded in 1852. They were both laid to rest on the Cane Patch but no markers have ever been placed to their Graves. 

Source of Information: J. Stidham, J. B. Hamilton, J. E. Lipps and Court Records.
November 3, 1937.


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