Alvin D. Parsons Home

Location: East side of the road leading through the Hurricane and about one half mile from the Hurricane Baptist Church.

Date: About 1850.

Owners: Alvin D. Parsons bought the place about 1870 from Crockett Powers. It is still in the hands of the Parsons heirs.

Description: Two room, two story log, one room upstairs and one down. Wooden shutters for windows, puncheon floor and one entrance door. The second story was reached by a ladder from the outside through
a scuttle hole in the gable end of the house. Mud daubed stone chimney on the north end. This house was later moved back and another house built in the original place, that is still standing. After the old house was moved back it was used for a smoke house. The later one is still standing and is also a log house, but was not built until sometime in the late seventies or early eighties.

History: Alvin D. Parsons, along with his brothers Robert and David emigrated from Allegheny Co., NC. Robert settled in the Big Stone Gap settlement; Alvin in the Hurricane section of Wise and David went on into Kentucky where he settled. Alvin had intended to go on into Blue Grass Kentucky before he made a
permanent settlement but while passing through the Hurricane or through Wise County he saw the farm in the Hurricane and liked it and the fellow who owned the farm was willing to sell so he bought the place and settled there and his heirs still reside on that place.
     Alvin Parsons was a son of Solomon and Lydia Sturgill Parsons. William Parsons, father of Solomon and grandfather of the subject, emigrated to America from England about 1754. He was married to Polly Craig of Rutherford Co., NC who was of Scotch-Irish extraction and there raised a large and respected family. Alvin Parsons was married to Phoebe Toliver before he emigrated from North Carolina. Alvin Parsons raised a family worth of mention, who have made prominent citizens of Wise County. His son Columbus Parsons was well known lawyer of this county. His daughter Missouri married William Elbert Kilgore who was one of the Clerks of the Wise County Circuit Court and who resided in Wise until his death and his widow is still living in the town of Wise.

Source of Information: Genette K. Kelley, Rufus Parsons and Court Records.


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