Archibald Ison Place

Location: Between Needmore and Sutherland, between Powell River and road leading up said river and just south of the Monroe Huff place on the west side of said road.

Date: About 1840.

Description: Arch Ison owned the place from the time of his settlement until his death, it now belongs to the Coal Company located near that place.
     Small one room hewn log house about 16 x 18 feet, board roof and plank floor. At first the house was floored with puncheons but later with plank. One window in front and one batten door. No porch, very wide mud daubed chimney at the east end, which is still standing. House faced south. Torn down about three or four years ago.
History: Arch Ison was among the very first settlers in that vicinity. He emigrated from North Carolina. Born in 1816, he was married to Margaret (Peggy) a daughter of George (Jackie) Hunsucker. His occupation was that of farming. He fell dead at the home of his son Edmond Ison, December 21, 1894. To this union was born children:
George married Annie, daughter of John Wilson and Elizabeth Wampler in 1860; James married Elizabeth, daughter of William and Elizabeth Robinett in 1868; L. Creed, married Margaret, a daughter of Jonathan and Mary Hunsucker, in 1872.

Source of Information: Noah Salyer, J. E. Lipps, N. J. Steele and Court Records.

Edmond Ison Home

Location: On north side of the road leading up Bear Branch on the site of the present Ted Brummitt house.

Date: 1853

Owners: Land patented to Edmond Ison by the State in 1853. Has always been in possession of the family and is now owned by Ted Brummett, grandson of the said Ison.

Description: Two story log, about 24 x 36 feet. Two rooms on each floor. Chimney in the middle, floored with whipsawed plank. Clapboard of hand riven boards. These were later replaced by panel doors. The two first floor rooms had one window each and a stairway leading up from the porch to the east room above. Two doors opening onto the second story porch and no windows in each of two upper rooms. This house was torn down in the fall of 1936.

History: Ed Ison was a son of Archibald and Margaret Hunsucker Ison, and married first to Catherine, a daughter of William and Elizabeth Robinett, July 1, 1868, at the age of 28 years. He married second a widow, Mima Mullins, the daughter of Frank Sturgill, September 5, 1893. He was a farmer and also a carpenter by trade. To this union were born children: Arch, married Emma, a daughter of William and Susannah Hamilton Huff; William killed in the Dorchester mines; Malissa; Polly Ann married Dale Burton; Elizabeth; Lizzie
(Toddie) never married; Alley married John Brummett.

Source of Information: Noah Salyer, N. J. Steele, Frank Gardner, Court Records.


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