The Bruce House

Location: One mile west of Coeburn on the road to Norton.

Date: Tradition is that it was built in 1837.

Owners: Noah Bruce 1837 to 1870; H. Holdaway; Childers Heirs of Scott Co., VA; Samuel Horne; Robert P. Bruce; T. S. Tate, present owner (since 1910)

Description: Stands on a slight rise about 100 yards from the highway. Facing south. Five foot fireplace at east end. Two stories. One room on ground floor. Ceiled on ground floor, but bare walls above. Original windows have been replaced by modern four-lights. Hewn log construction. Pointed with lime. Entire house is put together with locust pins.
History: I have been unable to find any record of when this house was built. T. S. Tate has commercialized if for the past ten years as "The Oldest House in Wise County" in connection with a tourist camp. I doubt if it is the oldest, or even second oldest. Mr. Tate claims it was built in 1837, but he is not sure of the date, nor is he sure that Noah Bruce built it. It is probable that it was built by John Eaton. From advertising by Mr. Tate it has become to be recognized as the oldest house in this county. Mr. Tate tells me that over 10,000 people have visited the house and inspected it.

Source of Information: T. S. Tate


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