The Charles Wesley Carter Grave

Location: Fifty yards west of State Highway 620, and about three hundred yards west of Guest River. In southwest corner of the Gray Graveyard. 
Six miles west of Wise.

Date: About 1830.

Owners: Charles Wesley Carter from 1820 (by claim); Same under title from State to about 1856; Alexander Gray; Major Harvey Gray to 1915 and Public Cemetery.

Description: In southwest corner of Gray Graveyard. Was until three years ago marked by a sassafrass tree which Carter planted as a marker.

History: Charles Wesley Carter came from Scott Co. about 1825 and planted a settlement at the mouth of Rocky Fork of Guest River. His home was on the spot where the J. H. Addington home is now. While clearing a new ground, Carter felled a tree which "jumped back" over the stump and caught one
of his legs, breaking it. To save his life it was necessary to amputate the leg just above the knee. He asked that it be buried on a rolling hill a little south of his home. This was done. Soon thereafter a neighbor's child died
and it was buried near the leg. Others died in the new settlement and were buried there.  Several years went by and Carter sold out and moved to Carter Co., KY. Where the remainder of his life was spent. He lived to a ripe
old age and when he died, his body was buried in Carter Co., about 250 miles from the spot where his leg was buried. So it came about the man for whom the first grave was dug in this cemetery was not buried there at all.
     The Carter grave attracts many visitors, owing to the peculiar circumstances connected with it. 

Source of Information: William F. Carter; L. E. Carter; A. N. Kilgore.


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