The Chisenhall Place

Location: On Hadderker's Branch; one mile northeast of state road 620. About eight miles northwest of Wise.

Date: About 1860.

Description: Hewn log house; story-and-a-half. With pole kitchen on north side. Chimney at east end. Window in west end of first story; both ends of second. Porch in front.

History: James Chisenhall was a son of Laborn Chisenhall and was born in Lee Co., VA. He came to the Guests River about 1850 and married Jane, daughter of Lewis and Penelope Day Roberts. Chisenhall was a very tall man and was noted for his whittling. Anytime and anyplace, when he was engaged in conversation,
he would bring out his knife and start whittling on whatever was nearest at hand. The habit resulted in all his chairs being cut and carved in all manner of shapes. Once, James M. Day, had bought a new wagon. An
acquaintance engaged Chisenhall in talk and he backed up against the wagon and whittled away on the new wagon bed, doing several dollars damage before he could be stopped. At his death, his daughter, Annie, wife of John Adams, inherited the homeplace. She sold it to the Virginia Coal & Iron Company in 1915. A granddaughter, Mrs. Irvine Mullins, now resides as a tenant on part of the farm.

Source of Information: Letty Chisenhall.

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