First Clerk's Office in Wise County

Location: On the back of the public square and near the creek.

Date: Built perhaps about 1850 used as Clerk's Office in 1856.

Owners: First owned by Daniel Ramey and at the formation of the county he deeded to the county the public square.

Description: The building was a small one-room, log or pole building that had been built and used as a corn crib by Daniel Ramey.

History: At the formation of the county there were no buildings suitable for official purposes, most of the buildings in the pioneer town of Gladeville being residences and the small room Primitive Baptist Church was being used as a courthouse until one could be built so that the Clerk had to find an office as best he could. The only thing obtainable it seems was the Daniel Ramey corn crib and into this Uncle Morgan Lipps moved and set up his official office as Clerk of the new county. 
     Here he carried on the work of clerk of the court until the new courthouse was built. The date this building was torn down is unknown.

Informants: J. E. Lipps, C. A. Johnson and court records.

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