Commodore Rogers Settlement

Location: On the left or east side of the road leading up Guest River, just above the Marion Rogers place.

Date: About same as Thomas Rogers settlement (1820).

Owners: See Thomas Rogers Write-up below

Description: Small log house, some of the chimney rocks still remain at the original site. This house was gone and only chimney rock marked the spot 61 years ago.

History: Commodore Rogers was a son of Thomas Rogers, and had his Herder's Cabin, at the above place, being about two miles up the river and north of that of his father. It is thought by some that the Rogers' had their families here with them and it is perhaps true, for both still have descendants yet in Wise County, although neither settlement was permanent.
     It is said that Commodore Rogers was building a road near his place and that he lifted a log and died from the strain.

Source of Information: Marion Roberts, J. T. Adams, J. E. Lipps and Etta Lawson.

Thomas Rogers Settlement

Location: About one mile above Starnes Bridge on Guest River on south side and part of what is known as the Beaver Dam Farm.

Date: About 1820.

Owners: Thomas Rogers, James Hunsucker, Virginia Coal and Iron Company.

Description: There is no way possible to get a description of the Thomas Rogers cabin, except that we know it was built of logs and was gone long before the Civil War. The Rogers settlements were not permanent, being
only cabins built to stay in while herding cattle and hogs in the Black Mountains, the hogs of course being wild ones, or mostly so. Some of the old chimney rocks of this cabin are still scattered around near the old cabin site.

History: Thomas Rogers was a native of Scott Co. A ridge heading up in the foothills of the Black Mountain still bears the name of Rogers' Ridge. I have been told by an old settler of the Guest River section that somewhere in the Black Mountain is a large rock with the Rogers' initials and the date they came to that place carved thereon.

Source of Information: J. T. Adams, Marion Roberts and J. E. Lipps.

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