Daniel Ramey Settlement

Location: On the present site of the Courthouse Square and nearer the west end.

Date: Approximately 1845

Owners: Samuel Salyers first resided on the land that the Ramey house was located on. It is not known what claims he had to this land as he was here before the County was organized. He perhaps sold what ever claim he had to Ramey and at the sale of the State mortgaged land November 21, 1853, Ramey became the purchaser and he donated the land to the County in 1856 for a Public Square and at the resale of the land, George W. Kilgore, Commissioner, on the first day of August 1876, conveyed the same to the County of Wise.

Description: The Daniel Ramey house was on the Court House site where the new annex (1929) is. It was a two-story log house. One room on each floor and a built-to kitchen. Board roof, with plank floors. The house was about 20 feet square. The Ramey house was considered a very good house for the early pioneer home.
Historical Significance: After the burning of the Court House by Federal Forces, during the Civil War the court convened one term at the home of Daniel Ramey. The Ramey house was standing at the end of the Civil
War and the exact date it was torn down cannot be determined. 
     Daniel Ramey was a native of Scott County and settled at the present site of the Court House in Wise and lived there until his death. At the formation of the County in July 1856 the people of the whole surrounding country flocked to the town of Big Glades and many were the dinner guests of old Dan on that memorable day. He fed most of the members of the Court while it convened in the early days before his death. Dan Ramey was a farmer and farmed the field where the Vicars' Orchard now is. It was known as the ridge fields. Daniel
Ramey was appointed a Postmaster for a Post Office that was established at the Big Glades, January 8, 1850. At one time the whole tract of land that the town of Big Glades and now the town of Wise is located on belonged to Daniel Ramey.

Source of Information: J. E. Lipps, C. A. Johnson and Court Records. 
October 25, 1937.

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