Daniel Hoge Bruce Home
Nathan Hamilton Land

Location: About 2 miles northeast of the mining town of Hawthorne in the hills on the north side of Guest River.

Date: About 1850.

Owners: This land was sold to Schuyler Hamilton and sons at the sale of the State mortgaged land, November 21, 1853. This tract was partitioned to his son Nathan. They perhaps had some claim to the land before the
above mentioned sale for they had been residing in the same vicinity for several years prior to the sale. I do not believe that Nathan Hamilton ever resided on the land for he was living on Bold Camp about 1840. Nathan Hamilton sold to John H. Hoge, before any provision to make deeds for the mortgaged land and at the resale of this land it was deeded to John H. Hoge, July 6, 1889. He then, on the 18th day of July, 1889, sold to Joshua Henderson Bruce. Bruce had lived at this place before the Civil War and the place was probably sold to him
by a Title Bond long before this last above mentioned sale. J. H. Bruce sold the place to Bond and Bruce, July 18, 1902, and they sold the same to the Hawthorne Coal Company, who still holds possession.

Description: The house here was perhaps built by Joshua Henderson Bruce as he was the first that the records point to as living here. The house was a one room log mud daubed with a lean-to kitchen. Board covered. The house faced north and had a stone chimney at the west end, the rocks of which yet remain. The house has been torn down for several years.
     J. Henderson Bruce, came to this place prior to the Civil War, built his cabin, lived there awhile and returned to Bland Co., where he died. While he lived here he was considered a very worthy citizen. His son, Daniel Hoge Bruce lived at this place just after the close of the Civil War. 
     William Miller, father of Judge Miller, late of Wise Co., lived at this place during and until the close of the war.
     Dr. John H. Hoge, who once owned this place, did not live here. He resided in the Riverview Addition to Coeburn and was a noted pioneer doctor.
     Nathan Hamilton was a son of Schuyler and Susannah Dotson Hamilton born 1818, died November 15, 1884. He was married to Sephronia Dotson and resided on the Bowl Camp and was a hatter by trade.

Source of Information: R. P. Bruce, J. E. Lipps, J. B. Hamilton, C. A. Johnson, S. E. Banks and Court Records. November 10, 1937.

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