David Jessee Settlement

Location: On the southeast side of Little Toms Creek, 1/3 mile down the creek from the N & W Train stop in Banner, near Coeburn, VA

Date: About 1840.

Owners: David Jessee got the land while the present Wise Co., was still a part of Russell Co., VA. He lived at the place until about 1855. Sold to Hamilton Greear of Scott Co., VA, September 3, 1863. Greear never lived at the place, but always resided in Scott Co.
    Hamilton Greear sold to his daughter Jane who married J. S. (Scott) Hutchinson, February 8, 1890. They sold to the Coal Company.

Description: The house was a one story hewn log, with one room and a kitchen built to the east end. The house had a small porch at the front. Board roof, puncheon floors, with one window in the larger room. Batten
entrance door, mud daubed chimney at the west end.

Historical Significance: David Jessee, Jr., son of David Jessee, Sr., of Russell Co., VA, was born March 20, 1805, died November 18, 1886, married 1st Martha Stinson and 2nd Mary J. Elam in 1869. By these two marriages he was the father of eighteen children. He moved to Scott Co. about 1855 and lived there until his
death. He was a Preacher of the Primitive Baptist faith. His work in the ministry covered a period of more than fifty years. With the exception of two years he was Moderator of the Stoney Creek Association from the time of its organization until his death. He was not eloquent in his sermons but was an interesting conversationalist and his Christian zeal made him dearly beloved by all who knew him. He preached his last sermon in Russell Co., VA on October 13, 1886. He was the first to ever circulate a petition to have a county formed from Scott,
Russell and Lee. February 11, 1854, he circulated a petition and got 120 signers and sent to the House of Delegates of Virginia, wanting a new county to be formed from the above mentioned counties and to be called
Dunn County, in honor of Commissioner, Isaac B. Dunn, who sold the DeTebeuf Land in Wise County, on November 21, 1853.
     J. W. (Scott) Hutchinson was married to Jane, a daughter of Hamilton Greear of Scott Co. He was the 10th Sheriff of Wise county and qualified for the position at the June Term of Court 1887. While he was Sheriff
he resided at the A. M. Vicars place on Main Street in Wise.

Source of Information: J. E. Lipps, J. T. Adams and Court Records.

Note: Per Jessee family reseachers David Jessee, subject of the article, was not 
David Jessee Jr. He was David Jessee  the ninth child of Archer Jessee, a brother of David Jessee Sr. David Jessee Sr. was normally referred to as "Elder
David Jessee" and the statement that "He was not eloquent in his sermons" is normally attributed to Elder David Jessee.  From Tom Rudder (descendant 
of Elder David Jessee) in Carmichael CA.

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