David Stidham Home

Location: On the west side of Route 23 leading from Norton to Appalachia and opposite the Blackwood Coal Camp.

Date: See History

Owners: David Stidham. Stidham heirs sold to Blackwood Coal and Coke Company.

Description: Story and a half, hewn log house, with a stone chimney at the north end. Chinked and daubed with mud. One story porch across front. Now has a composition roof and matched floors. Original had board roof and puncheon floors. Addition of one room built to the rear.

History: Nothing definite can be established about the date this house was built, but David Stidham was living here in 1817, when he and William Wells and Beals Davis asked that the line of Scott County be relocated so
as to leave them in Lee County. (Scott County Court Records) Mahal Wells land did join this place and Beals Davis holdings in real estate embraced much of the territory around here and extended upon the Roaring Fork branch. So it is possible that David Stidham built this house prior to 1817.

Source of Information: J. H. Kilgore, J. T. Adams, Wise and Scott County Court Records.


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