The Ellington Kilgore Home

Location: In Wise on the present Shorty Gilliam lot, on the south side of Main Street, adjoining the Methodist Church.

Date: About 1866-67.

Owners: Ellington Kilgore, Shorty Gilliam

Description: Long, four room log house, two rooms downstairs and two up. Two story porch across the front and one twelve pane window in each room. Plank floor. Entrance doors in each room of the batten style.
Stairway leading up from the porch on the outside. Shingle roof and center chimney with a fireplace in each room. This house burned several years ago.

History: Ellington Kilgore was a son of Robin Kilgore, who was the son of Robert Kilgore, who fought Indians and helped build the old Fort at the Ford of Copper Creek, southwest of Nickelsville, in Scott Co., VA. Ellington's mother was Elizabeth Gray, and both were of Scotch-Irish extraction. Robin Kilgore, father of the subject was a pioneer farmer and resided on Copper Creek in Scott Co.
     In 1855, Ellington was united in marriage to Matilda J., a daughter of James Sperry Powers, of Scott Co. In 1858, he settled on Holly Creek, three miles northwest of Clintwood, in Dickenson Co., VA. He was a Captain of a militia company, while he lived in Scott Co. and after he settled on Holly Creek, he organized a militia company and drilled his recruits every Saturday, where the town of Clintwood now stands. In the early part of the Civil War he joined the Union side and went to Louisa, KY. His family soon followed after him to
that place where they resided during the war. He was made a Lieutenant of Company B, 39th Regiment KY Volunteers and served till the close of the war. After the war he returned to the old home place on Copper Creek. In Scott Co. And resided there for a very short time, and then came to Wise and settled at the foregoing described place.
     He was born June 13, 1830 and died November 8, 1890. His wife (Matilda) was born June 7, 1827 and died August 24, 1900. After the war he led a life in the town of Wise of political importance and a citizen of worthy reputation.
     He was appointed Clerk of the Court and qualified August 30, 1869; Deputy Sheriff, May 26, 1869; Supervisor of Gladeville Township, 1871; Land Assessor, March 26, 1872; Elected Sheriff 1873; Deputy Sheriff, June 29, 1875. Appointed Commissioner of Revenue, March 5, 1873. Elbert Kilgore, son of the subject served as Clerk of Wise Co., from 1893 to 1905.

Source of Information: C. A. Johnson, Genette K. Kelley, Mrs. W. E. Kilgore and Court Records.


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