The Fugate Family

     Apparently four brothers of the name of Fugate settled in Russell Co., VA. They were Francis, Colbert, Zachariah and Henley Fugate. These four brothers were supposedly sons of John Fugate. This is in accord with available records which show that John Fugate was living in Shenandoah Co., VA, in the 1750s and 1760s, moving to Botetourt Co., VA in 1771 or so, in company with his brothers, Josiah and Randolph, later with Francis, his son (misread as "Thomas" in some land records).
     [1] Francis Fugate
     [2] Colbert Fugate
     [3] Zachariah Fugate
     [4] Henley Fugate
     [5] Mary Fugate (not proven) married Simon Oxer (Auxier).

Colbert Fugate
     Son of John and Sarah Fugate, 1759-1819, lived in Russell Co., VA. Married Hannah Tate, 1772-1844, daughter of Col. John Tate, 1743-1828, and his wife Mary Bracken, 1743-1817. He was the son of John and Sarah Henley? Fugate of Shenandoah and Russell Co., VA. Children:
     [1] John Fugate, 1795-1878, died Greentop, Adair Co., MO. Married Elizabeth Hamilton, 1801-1842, daughter of Nathan and Nancy Stone Hamilton in Grayson Co., VA. Elizabeth died in 1842 leaving 10 children. After the death of his first wife John Fugate married her sister, Susan Hamilton, b. 1806, and resided in Chariton Co., MO until their deaths. They moved to MO, about 1843, accompanied by Susan's mother, Nancy Stone Hamilton, the mother still alive when the 1850 Census was taken. Was Deputy Sheriff under John Tate, 1826-1827 in Russell Co., VA.
Owned John Tate lands which he sold to Rev. Ezekiel Burdine.
     [2] Zachariah Fugate, b. January 2, 1792.
     [3] Colbert Fugate, Jr., had children: Mary Morrison Fugate m. T. G. Wells and Sarah Margaret Fugate m. Winfield Scott Wells.
     [4] Robert Fugate, b. November 13, 1789, m. Ester Seymour.
     [5] James Henley Fugate, b. January 1, 1826, d. December 15, 1906, Ottemwa, IA, m. August 25, 1846 to Cleopatra Penelope Mills, b. March 11, 1824, d. December 24, 1903, d/o Caleb and Erzilla East Mills of Wayne Co.,
KY. Had son Joseph Buchanan Fugate, b. August 15, 1853, d. 1918, m. Jessie Howell, b. 1867, d. 1967. They had daughter, Josephine who m. Hervey Samuel Faris, parents of Dr. David Faris of Philadelphia, PA.
     [6] Mary Fugate
     [7] Edith Fugate
     [8] Samuel Bracken Fugate
     [9] Isaac Beverly Fugate, b. ca. 1804
     [10] Lucinda Fugate m. _____ Clark
     [11] Lydia Drucilla Fugate m. _____ Milford.

Mary Fugate
     (D/o John Fugate?) Married Simon Oxer, d. 1825. Had son Thomas Auxier. Raised a foster son, called "Stuffy". After his death his widow, Mary Fugate Auxier, married another Revolutionary War soldier. She spent her last days in the home of Archibald Borders, who was a nephew of Jenny Wiley, the famous Indian escapee.
     Simon and Mary Fugate Auxier moved from the Clinch to Block House Bottom in then Floyd, now Johnson Co., KY. He was buried in the Blockhouse Bottom Cemetery.

Francis Fugate
     Settled on Big Moccasin Creek in Russell Co., VA in the year 1772. Died in 1781 from an injury received when he was thrown from his horse. 
     In 1774 he applied for a patent to the land upon which he had settled and in 1781 certificate for the land was granted to Robert Trimble who had built a cabin on the land in 1771, and had returned to Augusta Co., VA for his family. When he brought his family from Augusta he settled near Abingdon instead of on Moccasin Creek where he had built the cabin, but still claimed title to the land. Later moved to Kentucky.
     Francis Fugate bought title to the Moccasin Creek land from a man named William Carr, who supposedly purchased the land from John Morgan, the latter we think led the first settlers to Castlewood. Upon arriving on the land Francis Fugate settled his family in the cabin built by Robert Trimble. A lawsuit over the land involving heirs of Francis Fugate ensued in the year 1808.
     Francis Fugate married Agnes _____ who was a widow with a son named James before she married Francis. After his death she remarried a third time to Henry Mahan. At the time of his death Francis Fugate had four children and a fifth child, a son born posthumously. The five children were:
     [1] George Fugate, b. ca 1782, d. 1783
     [2] Mary Fugate, m. _____ Davis
     [3] Sarah Fugate
     [4] Peggy Fugate
     [5] Francis Fugate, Jr.

Miscellaneous Fugate Records  

     In 1810, Benjamin and Hannah Fugate make depositions in Clay Co., KY. Benjamin says he came to place in dispute about 1788-1789 and lived for 2 years.
     Robert Fugate's will dated December 3, 1873 and recorded December 12, 1874 in Russell Co., VA, Will Book 9, page 144, lists among his children Sarah B. Hamilton, wife of John M. Hamilton of Washington Co., VA.
     Washington Co., VA November 20, 1781, Motion of Nancy Fugate. Securities: John Baker and Christopher Cooper. Apps. John and Robert Tate, William Huston and Jonathan Wood. Inventory and Appraisal January 21, 1783

Fugate Land Entrys in Washington Co., VA

     John Fugate, 300 ac. On Beaver Creek, August 30, 1782, actual settlement 1774.
     Joseph Fugate, 385 ac. North side of Clinch, May 24, 1783.
     Benjamin Fugate, 90 ac. On Grassy Creek, May 8, 1782.
     William Fugate, 75 ac. On west side of Mill's Creek, March 11, 1786.
     Nancy Fugate, Margaret Fugate and Mary Fugate, enter 350 ac. On waters of Black Creek, August 11, 1793.

Josiah Fugate
     Montgomery Co., VA, January 8, 1777, opted to appraise estate of Samuel Newell. 
     May 1, 1781 - Jurer Inquest Montz and Montgomery Co., VA, September 2,1788 bought from Randolph
Fugate for 200 pounds, 590 ac. 

Randall (Randolph) Fugate
     May 1, 1781 - Jury of inquest
     February 22, 1785 - Ronal Fugate - Jury.
     January 24, 1786 - Randolph appointed overseer in place of Josiah Fugate.

Robert Fugate
     Son of Colbert Fugate and Hannah Tate Fugate. Robert Fugate, b. November 13, 1789, d. March 21, 1784, m. by Rev. Charles Pennington, September 12, 1810, to Esther Seymour, who was b. November 11, 1794, d. July 1, 1864.
     Robert Fugate joined the Methodist Church in 1818. Served as Magistrate of Russell Co., VA and was a surveyor and engineer. Built a beautiful brick home in Russell Co. prior to the Civil War which is still standing not far from Grassy Creek in Russell Co. Nearby he built a brick church which he called "Esther's Chapel" in honor of his wife. This chapel has long since been torn down. During his life he owned many slaves, and kept their births or dates of purchases on papers inserted in the family Bible. A Negro named  Thomas, son of slaves, b. November 23, 1855, d. some 20 years ago and asked to be buried in the old Fugate family cemetery which was accordingly accomplished.
     The children of Robert and Esther Seymour Fugate, were:
     [1] Joseph Colbert Fugate, b. June 29, 1811, m.  1st January 30, 1845 Elizabeth E. Cowden, d. November 17, 1848; m. 2nd September 22, 1852 to Elizabeth E. Sutton, d/o John Sutton, who d. at 5 minutes past 11 p.m. August 9, 1853; m. 3rd September 23, 1856 Elizabeth Keys. Had son: Elbert Colbert Fugate who d. September 7, 1853, aged 6 weeks, 3 days.
     [2] Hannah Tate Fugate, b. July 2, 1813, m. by Rev. Samuel Gibson to Jacob Owens on April 22, 1820. (This date must be an error as she would have been only 7 years old). Jacob Owens, d. February 29, 1864.
     [3] Isaac Bracken Fugate, b. October 23, 1815, m. August 11, 1848 to Sarah Vermillion.
     [4] Edith Cleveland Fugate, b. December 6, 1817, m. November 30, 1843 to Nathan E. Burdine. Married by Rev. Christian Easterly.
     [5] John Henley Seymour Fugate, b. January 19, 1820, d. November 7, 1873.
     [6] Robert Clarke Fugate, b. April 8,1822, d. July 30, 1887, m. November 2, 1848 to Elizabeth Powers.
     [7] Sarah Boyd Fugate, b. January 9, 1826, on Monday at 3 o'clock, m. March 6, 1850 to John Hamilton. Had
daughter: Sarah Ann, who d. June 3, 1858.
     [8] Elbert Sevier Fugate, b. November 9, 1830, m. October 14, 1856 to Mary P. Dickenson.
     [9] James Clarke Fugate, b. October 22, 1874 (grandchild)

Robert Clark Fugate
     Records below are from Nathan C. Fugate's Bible, son of Nathan C. Fugate, I. Bible in possession of Mary C. Fugate of Rt. 2, Castlewood, Russell Co., VA and copied December 17, 1967 by ELH. Children:
     Nathan C. Fugate, b. March 30, 1851, d. August 19, 1916, m. by Rev. Christian Easterly to Louisa V. B. Wood, on October 22, 1873. Louisa V. Fugate, b. April 4, 1853. Their children: James H. Wood, Sr., d. May 25, 1888 and Louisa V. Fugate, d. June 30, 1827.
     Robert James Fugate, b. October 25, 1874, d. August 20, 1921.
     William Aston Fugate, b. January 10, 1877, m. Kate Fletcher, January 2, 1901.
     Lucy Jett Fugate, b. March 16, 1879 m. Stuart Robinson Hansen, October 12, 1904, d. January 1946, age 66.
     Mary Etta Fugate, b. November 28, 1881, d. August 7, 1950.
     Henry Clark Fugate, b. April 8, 1884, m. Alice Mabel Dickenson, December 21, 1904. He d. February 2, 1931.
     Grover Cleveland Fugate, b. May 11, 1886, m. Mary Anna Jayne Meade, November 2, 1907. He d. August 26, 1959.
     Margaret Hamilton Fugate, b. June 9, 1889.
     F. E. L. Fugate m. Mary Etta Fugate, December 27, 1905.
     James R. Fugate, m. Blanche Osborne, July 1911.
     Maggie H. Fugate m. James Edgar Baker, April 1913. She d. October 20, 1948. He d. February 2, 1931, aged 46 years, 9 months, 24 days.

Other Births Recorded
     Etta Blanch Fugate, d/o N. C. Fugate, Jr. and A. B. Fugate, b. January 6, 1934.
     Grover Clarence Fugate, b. August 29, 1935.
     John Ellis Fugate, s/o J. E. & Eula Fugate, b. May 24, 1935.
     Frank Nathan Fugate, b. October, 1938.
     Janie Elizabeth Fugate, b. April 7, 1940, d/o S. C. F. & Blanch Fugate.
     N. C. Fugate, Jr., b. December 9, 1908. Charles Stuart Fugate, b. October 14, 1940.
     James Ellis Fugate, b. August 11, 1912.
     Lena Aston Fugate, d/o William A. Fugate, d. June 18, 1905.

Robert Clark Fugate
     with wife Elizabeth Powers had children: 
     [1] Nathan C. Fugate
     [2] R. C. F. Fugate, m. Betty, who d. June 10, 1903

Slaves of Robert Fugate (1789-1874)
     Entries on two sheets of paper inserted in the Family Bible:
     [1] Jack, age not known
     [2] Laura is aged about 20 years in 1839
     [3] Laura's daughter, Jane, born May 1835.
     [4] Gemima born about the 1st of December 1836.
     [5] Mary Ann, was born in August, 1838.
     [6] Martha, b. August 23, 1842.
     [7] Benjamin, b. September 15, 1844.
     [8] Sarah, b. February 19, 1854
     [9] Laura's daughter, Flory, b. August 21, 1855.
     [10] Joseph Henry, b. August 30, 1860
     [11] George, b. November 8, 1826, d. June 13, 1900.
     [12] ______ Jane, d. May 7, 1907

George and Jane's children:
     [1] James, b. May 17, 1853
     [2] Thomas, b. November 23, 1855
     [3] William Fletcher, b. November 29?, 1859
     [4] Charles, b. April 21, 1861
     [5] Sam, January 25, 1850, aged 23, purchased of Boyd.
     [6] William purchased of Boyd, age 13.

William and Lydia Tate Fugate:
     Children: (he was alive in 1850)
     [1] Uriah Fugate, who m. in 1823 to Druzella Frazier.
     [2] Zachariah Fugate who m. in 1830 to Sarah Frazier.

Martin Fugate
     s/o Seymour Fugate, m. Nancy Horne, d/o Nicholas and Nancy Donaho Horne. Lived in Kansas. 
     Nicholas Johnson Horne, Jr., m. Virginia Fugate, d/o Seymour Fugate.
     Thomas H. Horne m. Sarah Elizabeth Fugate, d/o Seymour Fugate.

Zachariah Fugate:
     Brother of old Colbert Fugate had son:
     [1] Colbert Fugate, b. January 9, 1818, d. February 8, 1864 of Rye Cove, Scott Co., VA. He was a son of Zachariah and Susan Seymour Fugate, and he was a grandson of Colbert and Hannah Tate Fugate.
     He married Sarah L. Morrison, b. march 6, 1816, d. August 16, 1890, d/o George and Mary Jane (Wood) Morrison of Sullivan Co., TN.
     Among their children were: Mary Morrison m. Judge Tazewell G. Wells and Sarah Margaret Fugate m. Winfield Scott Wells.
     [2] Benjamin Seymour Fugate, m. Unity _____.

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