Green B. Jones Home

Location: In Norton at the north end of Craig Street.

Date: About 1850.

Owners: Green Jones and is now in the hands of his grandson Emmett Jones.

Description: Two story hewn log building, two rooms on each floor. Porch across front, facing south, entrance door in each ground room and one window in each room facing south. Plank floor, board roof. Stone chimney in the center of house. Burned about fifteen years ago or more.

History: Green Berry Jones, was born March 21, 1827, married Parthena Lawson, who was born January 9, 1827 and died November 10, 1904. He was the second settler at Prince's Flats (now Norton) He was very reserved in manner and was very neat in his dress. He was fairly well educated and in his younger days had studied Ventriloquism and Hypnotism and at one time it is said he followed a circus and practiced these arts. He spent his declining years at this place and seldom went on the streets of the town but amused himself by watching the people travel the streets through a field glass. Near the house was a spring and
it is said that Mrs. Jones always kept a fresh, clean gourd at the spring for the convenience of thirsty travelers and that one of her last acts was to put a new gourd at the spring. George Jones, son of the subject for many years ran a printing press in the town of Norton, doing job printing. Some of his printing is still in existence, especially Minutes printed for the Primitive Baptist
Association of this county, which always bore his picture on the back.

Source of Information: M. G. Jessee, L. Cox, J. T. Hamilton and Court Records.

From Newspaper Article: "Jake Nosler Finds Old Document".
     Jake Nosler has unearthed an interesting document in the old Jones log cabin up in Jones Hollow. It is a record of the transfer of a piece of land and is written in purple ink on a letterhead of G. B. Jones, watchmaker and jeweler, grandfather of Emmett Jones.
     The paper reads: 
     "The land G. B. Jones purchased of James Baker. Beginning on a chestnut, oak and hickory on the east side of the Backbone Ridge near the Smith line and running N31 3-4 W30 poles to a locust and dogwood on top of said ridge, thence N11 E5 poles to a hickory. Thence N18 1-2 E8 poles to a red oak and two chestnuts.
Thence N8 W13 poles and 17 links to a black gun and C.
     "Purchased in November 1859. Hired Baker to build me a house to move in - Came here and moved in on the 14th of March, 1860, one year before the war broke out, the first battle was fought on the 11th of April at Fort Sumpter 1861."
     Green B. Jones purchased this land from James Baker in November, 1859.


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