The Hiram Dean Home

Location: On Pinnacle Branch, seven miles northwest of Wise. One mile east of Hopkins Chapel and State Road No. 620.

Date: About 1845.

Owners: Hiram Dean, Harvey Roberts, Joseph L. Mullins, Mrs. Mary Mullins.

Description: One large log room, with lean-to kitchen, and outside stairway leading to second story divided into two bedrooms. Facing north. Fireplace on west end. Window in front and in east end, and in east and west
ends of second story. Porch on front of first story. Covered with clapboards.
History: Hiram Dean came from the Nickelsville section of Scott Co., VA and settled on Pinnacle Branch about 1845. The exact date is not known. He left this section soon after the Civil War and settled in West Virginia. He sold his land to Harvey Roberts and James M. Day. Roberts built a house, near the Dean
settlement, about 1875. This house is a one-story framed building, facing the south and road. It has recently been sold at public auction and passed from the Roberts family. Rev. Lee Hunsucker the present owner, has modernized the building.

Source of Information: Lee Hunsucker, Henry Roberts.


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