Isaiah Jones Carding Machine

Location: On the north side of the road leading from Norton through Powell Valley. Opposite and just south of the "N____Head" Rock, near the Fraley home in Hoot Owl Hollow.

Date: About 1851.

Owners: Jones did not own this land and it was probably located on the land patented to William Huff in 1803. The land is now owned by Ed Fraley.

Description: The carding machine was in a two story log house, covered with a clapboard roof. The machinery of the mill was on the first floor. It was run on the order of the water mills, a race carrying water which poured onto a wheel and turned the machinery. The machinery worked with rollers. The wool was carded and came out in rolls about a yard or more in length. After the wool was carded here it was ready to take home and make into thread. The wool was fed into a hopper something like a mill hopper. A typical way of carrying the wool
home from the carding machine was to roll it in a sheet and fasten the sheet with long thorn pins, then it was slung upon a horse in front of the rider and carried home. This machine was abandoned near about 1890. The old house rotted down and most of the iron parts of the machine were carried away by passers-by.
Historical Significance: Isaiah Jones was a son of Stephen Jones. He early emigrated to Wise County with his father and brothers John and Benjamin from the Mouth of Wilson Creek, on New River in Giles Co., VA. 

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