The Israel Wampler Home

Location: On the right of the road leading down Black Creek and the second house from the Black Creek schoolhouse.

Date: About 1853

Owners: Patented to Solomon and Mahal Wells, in 1853. They sold to Israel Wampler, September 8, 1860.
They sold to J. M. Goodloe, February 11, 1890. Goodloe sold to W. E. Harris, November 11, 1891. Harris to James Countiss, July 26, 1892 and Countiss to Virginia Iron Coal & Coke Co., September 4, 1904.

Description: Two story, double log house, board roof. Porch across the front. Puncheon floor. Two entrance doors, batten style. One window in each room. Mud daubed stone chimney at the east end. Still standing. 

History: Israel Wampler was a farmer and gunsmith by trade. He was of German extraction and was a son of George Wampler who was born in Germany, February 9, 1780. Mahal Wells and Solomon Wells went to Kentucky, Solomon before 1860 and Mahal perhaps sometime during the Civil War. Mahal was a Botanical Doctor, and after he moved to Kentucky, a Doctor got
some of his herb medicines and took them and they proved so satisfactory that it is said that Mahal became quite well known for his herb medicines and that he made quite a bit of money from the medicine.

Source of Information: Dr. J. M. Hill, O. B. Gilley, J. T. Hamilton and County Records.


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