The Jeremiah Powers House

Location: About five miles north of Wise, at mouth of Dotsons Creek, 
tributary of Birchfield.

Date: About 1850.

Owners: Jeremiah Powers, Harmon Adams.

Description: A two-pen hewn log house, with hallway between. Two story. Facing up Dotsons Creek to the South. Windows of ordinary 8-pane type. Two in south side and two in north. Chimney with five foot fireplace at east end of house. Stairway with single landing leading from hall to second story, which is
divided into three rooms, used as bedrooms. Covered with clapboards. Not ceiled or weatherboarded. Porch along front.

History: Jeremiah Powers built this house about 1850, and later have the house and surrounding farm to his daughter Naomi on her marriage to Harmon Adams. The Adam's lived here until about 1900, when they sold to a mineral company and moved to Pike Co., KY.
     This house is reputed to be haunted by the ghost of one of Harman Adams' children who died from a cold caused by swimming in the waters of Birchfield. It is said that there were so many strange sounds and sights at night that Harmon Adams could not sleep and sold out for this reason.

Source of Information: John Powers; Letty Mays

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