Jessee Baker Settlement

Location: Near the lower end of the coke ovens at Dorchester
and on the north side of the road leading upPowells River.

Date: About 1845.

Owners: This land was patented to Jonathan Baker in 1830. He was the father of Jessee. Jessee Baker bought this land before the county of Wise was formed and while that part of the county was yet embraced in the bounds of Lee County, VA. The Baker heirs sold the land to the Wise Coal and Coke Company who still own the same.

Description: The Jessee Baker house was a three room, hewn log building. It was built double fashion with a hall between the two rooms and a lean-to type kitchen built to the back. The kitchen opened into the hall and each of the front rooms had an entrance door, batten type, opening onto the front porch that ran across the east side of the house. The part of the hall that opened onto the front porch was left open the width of the hall. Mud daubed stone chimney on the north end. Floored with yellow poplar planks. The house has long since been torn away.

Historical Significance: Jessee Baker was a Botanical Doctor and he was supposed to be a cancer doctor, curing cancer by charm. He, at one time, ran a Grist Mill where the mining town of Glamorgan (near Wise) now stands. He was married to Sedelia, a daughter of John and Jane Tate of Scott Co., VA, who was born in 1825 and died December 22, 1867. Sedelia Baker joined the Three Forks Church, October 9, 1847 and was dismissed from the same by letter dated September 15, 1855. To this union were born children; Ira, Jeff, John
and James; Mattie, Jennie and Sarah.

Source of Information: J. E. Lipps, J. M. Hill, J. B. Hamilton and Court Records.

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