The John Huff House and Mill

Location: In the head of Powell Valley near Little Stone Gap and on the north side of the road leading through Powell Valley.
Date: 1825 or before
Owners: John Huff acquired this land while that part of the present Wise Co. was yet embraced in the bounds of Scott Co., VA. His brother, William Huff, had a patent for land adjoining this land dated 1803.
     John Huff died intestate and his heirs sold to James Bolton and wife Elizabeth.
     James Bolton, etux sold to Charles Collier, February 19, 1887 and the land is still the Charles Collier estate.
Description: The John Huff house was a small one room, hewn log cabin, with a lean-to kitchen, mud daubed. Board roof and puncheon floor. The only distinction of the John Huff house was that it had a brick chimney.
The brick were evidently locally burned but the place they were burned is not known.
     Nearby the home was a small grist mill. The mill was in a one room, one story, log house with a clapboard roof. The mill was run by an overshot waterwheel turned by the water that leaps down the steep precipice from the Little Stone Gap.
     Huff was running this mill as early as 1830. After he quit running the mill Jack Gilley ran it for awhile.
Then James Bolton bought the Huff property and built a new house over the mill, on the same architectural design as the first. The mill was built up near the foot of the mountain and the lower end of the mill house was built up on stilts, high off the ground. The water for running the mill was caught in a dam made of rock just above the mill. This was solely a corn grist mill.
History: John Huff was a very early settler at this place. His brother Preacher William Huff, had a patent for a tract of 100 acres of land near the Little Stone Gap, Scott Co., VA, dated 1803. The John Huff tract also was
a 100 acre tract and may have have been the same, so it is pretty evident that the two brothers were here as early as 1803.
     John Huff was dead prior to 1857, Will Book 1, where Elizabeth, wife of John Huff, decd. Received her dowry in the property.
     John Huff and Elizabeth had children: 
     [1] John Huff, Jr.; [2] Leannah Huff; [3] Sarah Huff, who m. a Smith; [4] Elizabeth Huff, b. October 17, 1856, d. December 1, 1909, m. James Bolton.  Perhaps other children.
     John Huff joined the Three Forks Primitive Baptist Church, January, 1830 and his wife was received into the church by letter, sometime later.
     He acted in the capacity of Clerk for the church from October, 1844 until may, 1852. Was Pastor of the church from July 1851 until March 1853. Again from February 1855 until February 1857. At the formation of the Little Stone Gap Church, May 8, 1852, John Huff was chosen as Pastor and he and his wife (Betsy)
Elizabeth were two of the eight members.
     James Bolton was a native of Scott Co. and married Elizabeth a daughter of John Huff. To this union was born children: 
     [1] Molly Bolton, m. William, a son of John Hamilton; [2] Robert Bolton, m. Nettie, a daughter of Patton Nickels and was killed in a coal mine at Sutherland, Wise Co., VA.; [3] Charles Bolton went to Texas and settled there; [4] Clint Bolton went to Texas and settled there; [5] Hansford Bolton went to Texas and settled there.

     Informants: A. Collier, Emma Ison, J. T. Hamilton, O. B. Gilley and Court Records.


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