Jones School House
 Present Buffalo Gap School

Location: On the north side of the road leading from Norton to Big Stone Gap through Powell Valley.

Date: Prior to 1846.

Owners: Now the county school board

Description: Small building of hewn logs, puncheon floor, and large fireplace, with chimney at the south end.  The north end of the building faced the road and a low, wide, batten door led into the building about the center of the east side. This building stood about a quarter of a mile east of the present Buffalo Gap
schoolhouse and was standing as late as 1890, although the date it was torn down has not been ascertained.
The benches in the school room were made of split puncheons with wooden pegs driven in the underside for legs.  The windows in the building were only wooden shutters. 

History: The date this schoolhouse was built is unknown, but March 30, 1846, the Three Forks Church agreed to hold a regular meeting once each month at the Jones Schoolhouse in the head of the Valley, so it was built prior to this date. The name Jones' Schoolhouse derives from the fact that the Isaiah Jones, a
pioneer settler lived near this place. The present school is called Buffalo Gap School. The first old school here was situated in a gap of the old road leading through Powell Valley and this trail was an early Buffalo trail. The Gap derives from the trail as a pass for Buffalo and hence was termed Buffalo Gap. Three of the early teachers at the Jones School were: John Gilley, Hetty Wilson and Julia Griffey.

Informants: Obey Gilley, J. H. Kilgore, old church records and Aaron Collier; 80 year old resident of
Powell Valley.

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