Meredith or Wilson Evans Place

Location: On the north side of the highway near the foot of Bull Mountain mile up the creek from the Dry Fork Schoolhouse.

Date: About 1810.

Owners: Meredith Evans acquired this land long before the county of Wise was formed. His son, Wilson Evans, took out patents also for land on Little Bull Run Creek before the formation of Wise County and in the
late life of Meredith Evans, Wilson lived in the home with him. This land has all been divided up among the heirs of Wilson Evans and is largely in the hands of the heirs yet.

Description: The house was three room log. The rooms were built after the pen fashion and joined end to end. Each of the three rooms had outside entrances and two of the two rooms had interior doors between them, while the only way to enter one of these rooms was to go outside and enter from the outer entrance. There was a porch across the south side of the house. Covered with clapboards. Small window in each room. One of the rooms was floored with plank and the other two had puncheon floors. Ceiled overhead with planks laid down
on the topside of the joists. Stone chimneys at the eastern and western ends. The fireplace had a plain mantel held up by brackets. The house was chinked and well daubed with clay. The house has been town down.

Historical Significance: Meredith Evans was born in North Carolina in 1778. Died in Wise County, April 25, 1880 at the age of 92 years. Married Sarah Skeen who was born in North Carolina in 1790 and died in Wise County, January 8, 1872. Meredith Evans was a Primitive Baptist preacher and was given the right to perform the rites of matrimony by the Wise County Court, Monday, September 22, 1856. He was Commissioner of the Revenue, called Township Assessor for the Lipps District in 1871-72. J. E. Lipps was assistant assessor under
him. He served in the War of 1812, as a private in Captain John Clark's Company, 4th Regiment, (Lt. Col. McDowell, Lt. Col. Koontz and Lt. Col. Chilton), Virginia militia. His services began January 4, 1814 and ended April 11, 1814. To this union was born five children, viz: Polly, Malissa, Thomas L., Wilson and one
daughter who married John (Babe) Skeens and lived in Texas. Thomas Evans was a Confederate soldier. Wilson Evans was married to Elizabeth Dobbyns and to this union were born children: four daughters and three sons; Elizabeth J., Eliza T., Malissa and Sarah, Melvin, James M. and T. R. J.

Source of Information: J. E. Lipps, Court Records, War Records. November 11, 1937.


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