The Martin Lipps Settlement

Location: On the road between Norton and Dorchester, just south of the place known as Little Wise.

Date: About 1825.

Description: House was two room round log building. Porch in front with round-pole lean-to at back of one room. Floored with hewn puncheons. Roofed with four foot boards, not nailed, but held on with long poles at
every course, weighed down with large stones.

History: Martin Lipps was born in North Carolina, married Lydia Church there. Soon after marriage he moved to Virginia and settled at the place known as Little Wise. While we have no records to prove it, it is believed that his wife, Lydia, was a sister to Joel Church who lived on head of Roaring Fork of Powells River about the time Lipps moved to Little Wise. Lipps built a three room house here and lived in it for several years. Sometime, a few years before the outbreak of the Civil War he sold his claim to a man named Cooper, and loaded his plunder in an ox wagon and moved first to Washington Co., and from there to Johnson Co., TN where the remainder of his life was spent.

Source of Information: John W. Lipps and Court Records.


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