The Rafe Kilgore Settlement

Location: At the end of a branch of state highway No. 626. 200 yards east of Big Laurel Post office. Five miles northwest of Wise.

Date: About 1822.

Owners: Rafe Kilgore contracted to buy the land from George and Benjamin Warder; John Addington from Warders; John Addington to Ira Kilgore; Ira Kilgore to J. H. Addington; J. H. Addington to Emily Bond; Emily
Bond to Elbert J. Bond; Elbert J. Bond to W. W. G. Dotson; W. W. G. Dotson to J. B. Hubbard; J. B. Hubbard to H. H. Addington; H. H. Addington to John B. Addington and John B. Addington to James Taylor Adams, II.

Description: No sign of settlement left except one jam of the chimney which has been preserved as a marker and one stone step from the cabin of Rafe Kilgore.

History: Ralph (Rafe) Kilgore, Jr., married Amelia (Milly) Wheatley in Scott Co., about 1822 and immediately moved here and built a small cabin of beech logs. The house was one room with a lean-to kitchen on the north side and large fireplace in chimney at west end. 
     Kilgore lived here for some years and then moved away and lived at various places on Rocky fork, Guest River and The Pound. But in his old age, when he was about 80, and his son, Ira Kilgore, had become possessed of the land, he moved back into his first little home and died there.

Sources of Information: A. N. Kilgore, J. H. Addington, E. S. Bond and Patton Kilgore.


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