Solomon Blessing Place

Location: On the divide ridge between Bear Creek and Bear River, on Ridge overlooking Ramsey and about a mile east of Ramsey on the 
north side of Route No. 64.

Date: about 1850

Owners: At the sale of the mortgaged French land February 28, 1854, James V. Jones became the purchaser of this land. He died intestate and willed the place to his son, David Crockett Jones, D. C. Jones, sold to Solomon Blessing before there was yet any provision made for a deed. At the resale of the mortgaged land a
deed was made to Solomon Blessing, April 2, 1877. Solomon Blessing sold to Levi Hoback, December 21, 1880. Hoback sold to the Southwest Virginia Mineral Land Company, July 28, 1887. The place was sold about 1931 at a Commissioners sale to Judge Robinett, who still owns the place.

Description: The Jones house was a hewn log house. One story, two rooms in front and a lean-to kitchen at the rear. The house faced west, with a full length porch across the front. Board roof, puncheon floor. The only windows in the house were opened and closed by wooden shutters. A batten entrance door in each of the front rooms. Mud daubed stone chimney on the south and one on the rear part of the kitchen also. Lewis Hamilton rented this place and lived there during the Civil War.

Historical Significance: Solomon Blessing was a son of James and Elizabeth Blessing who emigrated from Bland County to Wise, and James Blessing was a son of John Blessing who was born in Pennsylvania in 1777 and died in Wise County, February 26, 1869. Solomon Blessing was born in 1834 and married Emily, a daughter of Spencer and Jane Moore of Scott Co., May 11, 1862. He served in the Confederate Army during the War. His brother Anderson, who married Jane, a daughter of James Whitley Ramsey was also in the Confederate Army and was killed in the battle of Bulls Gap, three days after his arrival at that place. His wife, Jane, later married Ephraim Fraley. His sister Lydia who married Schuyler, a son of Elizah and Nancy Hamilton Beverly. Unto Solomon and Emily Blessing were born children: Susan, M. E., Mary and Henry. After Solomon Blessing sold this place he went to Missouri.  Levi Hoback who owned this place did not live there. Lewis Hamilton lived here during the Civil War, but did not own the place. He was a son of Schuyler Hamilton, born in 1825 and died about 1894-5. He was married to Sarah Hatfield, a daughter of Samuel
Hatfield of Floyd Co., KY.

Source of Information: J. B. Hamilton, O. B. Gilley and Court Records.


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