Valeria Erwin House
Harvey C. Bruce Settlement

Location: One mile southeast of Tacoma, on south side of Highway 64 on hill south of and overlooking Guest River.

Date: Built about 1840

Owners: Harvey C. Bruce bought and built before the County of Wise was organized. He resided here until 1891. He sold the place to William E. Harris, Trustee, April 21, 1890, but retained possession until April 1,
1891. Harris sold to William T. Miller, June 2,1890. R. P. Bruce sold to Nicholas Horne January 15, 1901, 161 acres, being one of the tracts conveyed the 14th day of November 1900 by J. K. Routh, Special Commissioner in the Chancery cause of R. P. Bruce and M. J. Bruce, executors against William E. Harris,
etals to R. P. Bruce. Valeria Erwin, inherited from her father Nicholas J. Horn.

Description: The old Bruce house is a two story, three room hewn log, "ell" shaped building. Stone chimney, mud dobbed at the west end with fireplace only on the first floor. Also stone chimney at the rear or south end of kitchen upon which the cooking was done in earlier days. One six pane window in the center of upper story room, one twelve pane window on first floor in front. Entrance door two panel, handmade of yellow poplar,
common hinge. House is ceiled inside with yellow poplar lumber whip sawed about six inches wide. The floors are of the same material and are in about as good condition as when they were lain. Narrow one flight stairway,
of yellow poplar wood. Steps about twelve inches wide. This stairway has been moved from the original one. Low ceilings. 
Plain handmade mantel of yellow poplar wood.
     Kitchen built of hewn logs and a space of about fourteen feet separated kitchen from front part of the house. This space has been boxed up making a fourteen foot passage way between the two houses. Kitchen has
one window and the interior woodwork is the same as front part. Porch running across the east side of the kitchen. The front has a one story porch across the front, with small square columns. 
The house is "pinted" and well dobbed with clay.
     Built by Bruce's oldest sons and Hiram A. Bickley. 
     Harvey C. Bruce was born in Bland Co., VA January 17, 1818. He first married Susan Hoge in Bland Co., VA and later married Emily J. Bickley who was born in Scott County, June 10, 1829.
     Harvey C. Bruce qualified as Coroner of Wise County at the May term of Court 1858. Served as Presiding Justice of the Wise County Court from 1864 until 1869. He was well educated for his day and it is said that he presided over his court with much pomp and dignity. He was a large built man and was very
particular and immaculate in his dress.
     Other owners of the Bruce house have only rented it. 


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