William Robinett Home
Known as the Robinett Fields

Location: On the west side of the road leading from Norton to the High Knob and about 2 miles south of Norton. 

Date: 1852.

Owners: This land was patented to Hezekiah Vanderpool about July 1, 1852. He sold to William Robinett, October 24, 1856. Robinett sold to Joseph I. Doran, March 7, 1888. Doran converged his holding into the Norton Land and Improvement Company and the land at this place still belongs to 
Norton Water Company.

Description: The house here was a two room, hewn log building, facing east. Porch across the front. Puncheon floors, clapboard roof and the ceiling overhead was made by laying hand riven boards on top of the joists. Two
front entrances, batten style, made of long riven boards. There was a small opening in the west wall of each closed room that served the purpose of a window, that was  opened and closed by a wooden shutter. A chimney
at the south end was made of stone (uncut) and mud daubed. The house also was daubed with mud. 
     The site of this house can be located by the old chimney rocks and around the home place once was an orchard, some few of the trees still remain. Most of this old house rotted down. It was all gone before 1900. 
     William Robinett lived here until after the Civil War. Then his son William, Jr. lived there for awhile and the last man to live there was Henry Wells, who moved away about 1888 or 1889.

Historical Significance: Hezekiah Vanderpool married Elizabeth, a daughter of Schuyler and Susannah Dotson
Hamilton and in later life lived on Bowl Camp.
     William Robinett, Sr., was married to Elizabeth Blanton. He resided at the foregoing place through the Civil War and his son John served in that memorable struggle and died in Lee Co., VA, in 1936 at the age of 99 years, 9 months and a few days. Other children of this marriage were Sam who married Mariah, a
daughter of Andrew Sturgill. Sofia married William Kelley. Mary (Polly) married James F. Ison and Catherine married Edmond Ison, who were sons of Archibald Ison. William (Bill) married Malissa Holbrook and was a noted Primitive Baptist Preacher.
    William Robinett, Jr., was born March 25, 1856 at the old home place on the foot hill of the Stone
Mountain overlooking the present town of Norton. Deceased June 12, 1934. Married Malissa P. Holbrook, August 2, 1877, and to that union was born fourteen children, thirteen of whom yet survive.
     He joined the Primitive Baptist Church about 1878-9 and was ordained a Minister about 1882, and preached the Gospel for fifty-two years. He was a Pastor of four churches in Wise and Lee Counties, and preached over four states, to wit: Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and West Virginia. He preached his last
sermon at the Blue Spring Church in Powell Valley near his home.
     Henry Wells, who also lived at this place was a Preacher and died at his home near Norton in 1937.

Sources of Information: Dr. J. M. Hill, J. B. Hamilton and Court Records.


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