Wise Countians Killed in Vietnam

Lawson, Boyce Eugene 07/02/1938 01/11/1963 Hostile - Killed Army PFC  Wise 
Wyatt, Marvin Leon  07/12/1946  06/17/1968  Died While Missing  Army SP4  Wise 
Stallard, Don Gene 02/03/1942  12/05/1965  Hostile - Killed  Army PFC  Norton 
Mickles, Charles Edward  11/30/1949  06/06/1968 Hostile - Killed  Army PFC  Norton 
Stone, Rodney Harold  11/03/1943  05/02/1970  Non-Hostile Died other causes  Air Force CAPT  Big Stone Gap
Seymore, Paul Jessie 02/08/1933  05/09/1969  Non-Hostile Died other causes  Marine Corps SSGT  Big Stone Gap
Fee, Donald Fred 12/24/1944  07/21/1967  Hostile - Killed  Navy ADJ2  Big Stone Gap 
Mullins, Daniel Lee  10/21/1943  08/31/1967  Died of Wounds  Army 1LT  Pound 
Dotson, Jefferson Scott  08/06/1944  04/26/1976  Hostile - Died While Missing  Air Force CAPT  Pound 
Pickett, Rodney Douglas  05/28/1947  05/24/1967  Hostile - Killed  Army  PFC  Coeburn 
Clement, James Wilfred  04/05/1931  03/11/1970  Hostile - Died While Missing Air Force  MAJ Coeburn 
Estrada, David  09/20/1947  03/26/1967  Hostile - Killed  Marine Corps LCPL  Coeburn 
Amburgey, Alfred June  06/13/1930  08/25/1966  Hostile - Killed  Army SSGT  Dorchester 
Williams, Walter Joseph Jr  10/09/1947 05/09/1968 Hostile - Killed  Army PFC  Appalachia 
Hopkins, Michael Wayne 1/29/1950 2/24/1970 Hostile -
LCPL Marines Wise
Bryant, Roger Smith  2/16/1945  1/18/1967     Exeter
Austin,Virgil (Joe) Lee  12/16/1943 3/19/ 1967 killed by
hostile action
SP4 US Army Russell City
Buchanan, Don 12/30,/1943 5/19/1969     Wise, Va
Dingus, Carl "Pinky" 3/3/1944  2/3/1968     Wise, Va
Fulcher, Douglas Edward 1/20/1947 4/4/1968

Morgan, Arthur Eugene 11/24/1946 9/5/1969

Wallace, George David 1/2/1943 2/21/1967

Dry Fork

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